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Fred Moss

Circa Vitae

A native of Shreveport Louisiana, Fred Moss began his musical studies at an early age with his father, author/composer/conductor, Orlando Moss Sr. At age ten he started playing the Double Bass, and continued through college. As a teenager, Fred performed with the Louisiana All-State Chorus and Orchestra three years consecutively. He was awarded a music scholarship to Harding University, where he studied voice with Neva White, and was a member of the University’s Chorus, Orchestra, and Jazz Band.

As a professional, Fred has toured with many artists and groups throughout the U.S. Most recently, Fred has performed with jazz artists, Gary Grainger, Al Williams, Lafayette Gilcrist and Carl Grubbs. Fred is a versatile, accomplished guitarist and vocalist, equally comfortable performing in society band, jazz, combo or rock band. He has been an instructor at the Music Workshop for 15 years, teaching lessons, producing singers, songwriters and rock bands.

Fred Moss Music

The Lessons

Fred Moss is available for personal music instruction on a first come, first served basis, as his live performance and recording schedule allows.  The Lessons are available to the novice and expert alike.

or like All Time Low bassist, Zack Merrick, make your musical mark worldwide, your level of instruction will be suited to your needs.

Fred Moss Music is more than just the music, and The Lessons with Fred Moss will teach you that, as well.  Music is much more than the instruments and the sound that comes from them.  The sound comes from the instruments, but the music...the music comes from a place in your soul.  Fred's secret is helping you to find that place and then setting the music free.

That is what makes The Lessons with Fred Moss Music so valuable and sought after by musicians of all skill levels.

To learn more about The Lessons with Fred Moss Music Fred Moss...

The Lessons

Guitar, Voice, Bass

After learning about your musical goals, Fred will set out to help you attain them.  Whether your goal is to play a song for your daughter...